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  • 2020年9月
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ANSI / EASA ar100 - 2020EASA的“旋转电气设备维修推荐实践”被指定为ANSI/EASA AR100,并于1998年首次被批准为美国国家标准. Since then it has been revised and approved four more times, in 2001, 2006, 2010, 2015年,现在是2020年. 

ANSI/EASA AR100 is a must-have guide to the repair of rotating electrical machines. 其目的是在旋转电气设备复卷和重建过程的每个步骤中建立推荐的做法.

的 scope of this document describes record keeping, 测试, analysis and general guidelines for the repair of induction, synchronous and direct current rotating electrical apparatus. 它并不打算取代客户或机器制造商的具体说明或规范,或具体接受和适用的行业标准或推荐的做法.

本文件应补充适用于专用旋转电气设备的附加要求,包括, 但不限于, 列出防爆, dust-ignition证明, and other listed machines for hazardous locations; and specific or additional requirements for hermetic motors, 氢冷机, 潜水电机, 牵引电机, 或1E级核发动机.

ANSI recognizes only one standard on a topic; therefore, ANSI/EASA AR100 is the American standard for repair of rotating electrical apparatus.推荐实践是一份重要的出版物,既要在内部分发,也要向客户分发.


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欧洲航空安全局技术服务委员会 (TSC) reviews the recommended practice and proposes changes; a canvass group approves and often comments on the TSC proposals. 的 canvass group has representation from service centers, 最终用户, 测试实验室, government and those with a general interest. 根据ANSI的要求,在调查小组代表之间必须有平衡的代表. After the canvass group and the TSC find consensus agreement, the revised document is approved by the 欧洲航空安全局董事会. 经委员会批准后,美国国家标准协会被要求批准修订为美国国家标准. 的 entire process must be completed within five years following the previous revision. 

的 2020 edition of AR100 contains more than 40 revisions. 在这里, we will focus on the more significant changes, 注于条款顺序, and some of the reasons for making these changes. Also noted will be links between the changes and the EASA认证 Program. 

1.6端子引线: 添加注释, “如果机器有服务因素, the terminal leads should be rated for the service factor current.” This is the practice used by m任何 motor manufacturers. 例如,如果电机的满载额定电流为100安培,服务系数为1.15, the approximate service factor current would be 115 amps, and the lead wire size would be based on the 115 amp value. 

1.9冷却系统: 增加了一个新的句子:“在移除任何定子绕组之前,应记录用于引导气流的空气挡板和任何定子端绕组垫片的位置,以允许在替换绕组中重复.“这适用于定子倒带,并有助于确保在倒带过程中冷却气流不会减少. 自2021年8月起,这将成为认证计划检查表第3项的要求. 冷却系统.

2.5.1旋转元件: 这个句子, “旋转元件层的外径应与轴承轴颈真实且同心,已被替换为, 相对于轴承轴颈的旋转元件芯外径的跳动不应超过平均径向气隙的5%, or 0.003” (0.08 mm),取较小的值.新的文本与机器中的极数无关,并且符合电机制造商使用的公差. 

3.1.2热保护器或传感器: 前者第3条.为了清晰起见,增加了9. 它的州, “替换恒温器, 电阻温度检测器(rtd), 热电偶和热敏电阻应在电气和热特性上与原始器件相同或等效,并放置在绕组中的相同位置. 热保护器或传感器只有在客户同意的情况下才能移除或省略,并记录在维修记录中.移动文本的原因是3.9除以3.12 was to have the topic of thermal protectors and sensors addressed in one clause. 自3.9 was deleted, the remaining clauses of Section 3 beginning with former clause 3.10个重新编号. 

  Table 4-2 Recommended Minimum Insulation Resistance Values at 40°C: 本表与表4-1在包括2015年版在内的历届AR100版本中均未编号. For clarity and editorial consistency, these two tables are now numbered. 的 tables that were, and remain, at the end of Section 4 were renumbered. 一个实质性的技术变化是所有电枢的最小绝缘电阻现在是IR1min = 5, which aligns with the 2013 edition of IEEE 43. 

4.2.4形式绕组定子浪涌试验.2.所有其他绕组浪涌试验: Two identical paragraphs have been added to each of these clauses. 第一段解释了浪涌模式如何区分满意和不满意的测试结果. 第二段解释了浪涌试验结果可能受到多种因素的影响, and that analysis of surge 测试 results is subjective.  

Table 4-3 Form Coil New Winding Surge Test Voltages: 这是一个新的表,根据IEEE 522和IEC 60034-15,为额定电压为400至13800伏的机器提供浪涌测试电压等级. 下表的注释提供了未固化的树脂丰富或干燥(绿色)VPI线圈的测试水平, and maintenance 测试 levels for reconditioned windings.


 4.3.定子和绕线转子绕组: Two notes have been added to this clause. 它们是:“根据CSA C392,随机绕组的电阻不平衡限制应该比平均值低2%, and 1% from the average for form coil windings,”,, “Some concentric windings may exceed the 2% limit.这些注释增加了电阻平衡公差,并为评估同轴绕组的电阻不平衡提供了指导.新绕组: 这个句子, 倒带后立即, 当设备安装或组装时,需要对整个组件进行高电位测试, it is recommended that the 测试 voltage not exceed 80% of the original 测试 voltage,已被替换为, 倒带后立即, when a high-potential 测试 of the winding is required, it is recommended that the 测试 voltage not exceed 80% of the original 测试 voltage.” 的 primary reason for the change is that AR100 is a repair document, 不是安装指南或标准. 

技术服务委员会修订和改进AR100的工作是一个持续的过程. Within a year or two, the revision process will become an active agenda item for the TSC. One of the foremost goals with AR100 is to include as m任何 good practices as possible. 进一步, when it is desired or necessary to add new good practices to the 认证 Program, AR100是导管. 采用这种方法的原因是AR100是EASA认证计划的主要来源文件. 

Since AR100 is revised periodically it is a “living document.” Changes to AR100 not only aid with the 认证 Program, 它的良好实践和其他指导有助于服务中心提供高质量的维修,以保持或有时甚至提高旋转电气设备的可靠性和能源效率.





Getting 的 Most From Your Electric Motors

Getting 的 Most From Your Electric Motors - coverThis 40-page booklet provides great advice for obtaining the longest, 最有效和最经济的操作,从通用和特定用途的电动机.


  • Installation, startup and baseline information
  • 运行监控和维护
  • 电机和基线安装数据
  • 如何阅读电机铭牌
  • 运动存储建议

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的 Effect of Repair/Rewinding on Premium Efficiency/IE3 Motors
Tests prove Premium Efficiency/IE3 Motors can be rewound without degrading efficiency.


ANSI / EASA ar100 - 2020

ANSI/EASA AR100-2015封面

Recommended Practice for the Repair of Rotating Electrical Apparatus
This is a must-have guide to the repair of rotating electrical machines. 其目的是在旋转电气设备复卷和重建过程的每个步骤中建立推荐的做法.


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的 欧洲航空安全局技术手册 is the association's definitive and most complete publication. 它是可用的 免费的 以在线形式发给会员. Members can also download PDFs of the entire manual or individual sections.

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